The Georgian Era

The Georgian era spanned five kings – George I-IV and William IV – from 1714 to 1837 and produced beautifully hand crafted and highly collectible jewellery.

Unidentifiable by marks or stamps, the jewellery is usually typified by closed back gold settings with foil backed stones set in silver tops to enhance their brilliance.

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Since time began, pearls have been revered for their natural beauty and range of colour and lustre.

Cleopatra dissolved a priceless pearl earring in wine and drank it, to prove to Mark Anthony she could consume the wealth of a nation in one meal. In Ancient Rome pearls were a prized symbol of wealth and social standing. The ancient Greeks associated the pearl with love, marriage and peace. Warriors wore pearls into battle to be shielded from harm.

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1940s retro bracelets

Retro Gold Bracelets

The history of retro jewellery dates back to and is heavily influenced by the events of World War II. During this period precious metals, such as platinum and titanium, became extremely scarce and fewer gemstones were available. Gold jewellery saw a surge in popularity across the globe, particularly in the USA.  A demand for wide gold bracelets flourished. These were worn individually or as a set of stacking bracelets.  Continue reading “1940s retro bracelets”

Getting Engaged

Engagement rings

In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, says Tennyson and with the crocuses and daffodils coming up in Hyde Park it won’t be long before the marriage proposals start. Of course an engagement ring will be needed to mark the solemnity of  the occasion, a tradition since ancient times.


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