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The Georgian Era

12 June 2018

The Georgian era spanned five kings – George I-IV and William IV – from 1714 to 1837 and produced beautifully hand crafted and highly collectible jewellery. Unidentifiable by marks or stamps, the jewellery is usually typified by closed back gold settings with foil backed stones set in silver tops to enhance their brilliance.

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1 June 2018

JUNE BIRTHSTONE: PEARL, MOONSTONE and ALEXANDRITE Since time began, pearls have been revered for their natural beauty and range of colour and lustre. Cleopatra dissolved a priceless pearl earring in wine and drank it, to prove to Mark Anthony she could consume the wealth of a nation in one meal. In Ancient Rome pearls were […]

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May Birthstone: Emerald

15 May 2018

MAY BIRTHSTONE: EMERALD Emerald, the colour of fresh spring growth, perfect for the month of May. Legend has it the emerald allows the wearer to foresee the future, reveals truth, protects against evil and gives the gift of a silver tongue. They are also claimed to improve the memory and to sharpen intelligence.

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1940s retro bracelets

24 April 2018

Retro Gold Bracelets The history of retro jewellery dates back to and is heavily influenced by the events of World War II. During this period precious metals, such as platinum and titanium, became extremely scarce and fewer gemstones were available. Gold jewellery saw a surge in popularity across the globe, particularly in the USA.  A […]

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Rare Antique French Turtle Brooch

12 March 2018

A French, turtle brooch, with sprung moving head, legs and tail, set with cushion shaped emeralds and old-cut diamonds, in millegrain edged rub over settings, in the shell, mounted in 18ct gold, engraved to represent the shell and skin of the turtle, with cabochon-cut ruby eyes. With French eagle mark, for 18ct gold and and […]

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Getting Engaged

12 March 2018

Engagement rings In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, says Tennyson and with the crocuses and daffodils coming up in Hyde Park it won’t be long before the marriage proposals start. Of course an engagement ring will be needed to mark the solemnity of  the occasion, a tradition since […]

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Garnet Jewellery

12 January 2018

January Birthstone – Garnet Symbolic of prosperity and good health, it traces back the Bronze Age used in Ancient Egyptian jewellery. During the Middle Ages, it was exchanged to signify trust and affection.

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Welcome to the Moira Fine Jewellery Blog

13 December 2017

When we moved into our previous Bond Street premises, in 2000, we discovered that there was already a fully running workshop on the top floor. To us it was the best kept secret in Bond Street. To make matters even better we discovered the head of the workshop was already renowned for his quality of […]

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