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1940s retro bracelets

24 April 2018

Retro Gold Bracelets

The history of retro jewellery dates back to and is heavily influenced by the events of World War II. During this period precious metals, such as platinum and titanium, became extremely scarce and fewer gemstones were available. Gold jewellery saw a surge in popularity across the globe, particularly in the USA.  A demand for wide gold bracelets flourished. These were worn individually or as a set of stacking bracelets. 

The 1940s were characterised by an elaborate jewellery style. The designs were larger and more vivacious than the elegant ornaments of earlier decades. Jewellery was designed to offset the austere clothing of the time. The influence of Hollywood was massive during this decade. Celebrities were seen sporting glamorous chunky gold bracelets. These statement pieces represented a sense of flair and sophistication. During the 1940s the gold tone was more in favour than white metals and was associated with wealth and Hollywood glamour. Bangles were all the rage in this era and are highly desired today. Stacking bracelets also became a fashion statement during this period and this style is still in vogue.


Retro style bracelets tend to be one of a kind and therefore each item is extremely rare. With each bracelet being individual it also means that this type of jewellery will only increase in value over time. They are timeless and can be used to accessorise any outfit. Whether you are trying to achieve a glamorous or more casual look, retro style bracelets are the ideal choice to complement your style.

A vintage, late 1940s, three row, rose gold bracelet, with a concealed clasp, circa 1947.

The luminous shade of rose gold is more desired than ever.  We love the combination of the subtle pink hue and the chunky retro design. Rose gold jewellery is the most popular colour of 2018 and the perfect gift for a loved one.

A heavy 18ct rose gold bracelet, designed as many curved domes, five set in each diagonal rows, measures 20cm x 4cm. Circa 1950

If you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery that is unique and has the wow factor then a retro bracelet should be your next purchase.


A French, wide, gold, brick link bracelet, with fifteen rows of rose gold, oval brick layout links, mounted in 18ct gold, circa 1960

Retro style bracelets exhibit a three-dimensional shape and can be most commonly purchased in a gold or rose gold colour. They are always identifiable due to their bright and bold statement colours.

A vintage gold bracelet, geometric design, mounted in 18ct yellow gold, Circa 1947


All our retro style bracelets are chic, individual and classic.



Emma Reeves
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