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May Birthstone: Emerald

15 May 2018
Emerald, the colour of fresh spring growth, perfect for the month of May.
Legend has it the emerald allows the wearer to foresee the future, reveals truth, protects against evil and gives the gift of a silver tongue. They are also claimed to improve the memory and to sharpen intelligence.

Pliny the Elder praised emeralds for their “soft green colour, comforting and removing weariness and lassitude”. Cleopatra indulged her passion for the gems and had her own mines in Egypt. Although African and Brazilian emeralds also come on the market, by far the finest emeralds come from Colombia. These were originally looted by the Spanish from the Incas in the 16th century, creating demand from the royal houses and aristocracy of Europe, keen to expand their jewellery collections.
Thread like inclusions are characteristic of this gemstone but the clearer the interior the more desirable. The most desirable colour is a rich, deep and pure green with transparent  clarity.
In 2011 an emerald pendant owned by Elizabeth Taylor fetched a record of $280,000 per carat.
See some of our emerald collection below.
Emerald diamond cocktail watch
Emerald diamond cluster earrings
Emerald diamond cocktail ring
Oscar Heyman emerald diamond ring
Emerald diamond ring
Emerald diamond pearl ring
Victorian emerald diamond gold bracelet
Art Deco Emerald diamond bracelet
Emerald diamond earrings
Cabochon emerald ring
Edwardian Emerald diamond brooch
Butterfly emerald ruby diamond brooch
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