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6 September 2018
The sapphire, birthstone for September, is a relative of July’s birthstone, the ruby as it is also a  form of the mineral corundum.

Typically, sapphires range from very pale blue to deep indigo. The most valued shade of blue is the medium-deep cornflower blue. Sapphires also occur in other natural colors and are called fancy sapphires
The biggest source of sapphires world-wide is Australia where sapphires typically are blue stones with a dark and inky appearance. Kashmir, in India, used to be the best source of the pure cornflower-blue stones. In the United States it is Montana that mostly yields smaller stones.
Astrologists consider the sapphire to be a gem with healing properties. It’s said to encourage truth, loyalty, wisdom and clear thinking especially when worn by those born in September or under the star sign of Virgo.

Many also believe it can cure physical ailments, especially eye infections, headaches, ear ache and thyroid problems. In ancient Greece and Rome, royalty wore blue sapphires because they believed the stone could protect their owners from the evil intentions of their enemies.

The sapphire is extremely resilient and durable and because they symbolise loyalty and truth, it is perfect for use in fine jewellery like engagement rings which are worn daily for a lifetime.
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