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1 August 2018


Sometimes referred to as the as the “evening emerald” the peridot is truly an under-appreciated gem of great beauty. It also has a rich history, making it quite a conversational piece.

The symbolism of the clear olive green color of the semi-precious peridot is clear: it means regeneration, recuperation, healing and serenity. It also has the alternative name of Olivine.

Peridot has been used in various magic rituals by the ancients. It was believed that wearing a Peridot amulet could protect the wearer from evil influences. The ancient Greeks used it in their rituals of divination.

The Celtic priests wore Peridot for protection during the pre-Christian era. Peridot was used for jewellery making and was very popular among the American Native Indian tribes.

Peridot is considered a crystal of visionaries because it is believed to bring many insights ito the physical and more spiritual meaning of life. Peridot  promotes all the processes of growth, renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation.

Because it reduces the amount of stress and negative emotional states, Peridot can help heal and harmonize all human relationships, especially marital relationships.

A wonderful addition to anyone’s jewellery collection.

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