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October Birthstone Opal

2 October 2018

Opals are amorphous as they do not have a crystal structure.

Opals symbolise purity and hope, it has been noted as a protective stone as it keeps the wearer from harm.


Opal is a great gift for your loved one born in October.


Australia is the biggest producing country for opals, other sources include  Mexico and Brazil.



There are different types of opals Mexico opals, black opals which are the rarest and most valuable.



Opal was rare and very valuable in antiquity in Europe it was prised by royalty until the opening of the vast deposits in Australia in the 19th century the only known source was Cervenica beyond the Roman Frontier in Slovakia.


Opals have been divided into four categories:

  • Black opals – Translucent to opaque with colour against a black or dark grey. black opals with good play of colour are very rare.
  • White opals – Translucent wth colour against a white or light colour. These are found in a wider range of sizes.
  • Boulder opal – Translucent to opaque with colour against light, they are rock fragments on matrix as the finished gemstone.
  • Fire opals – Translucent with brown, orange, yellow and red colours also know as Mexican opals come in similar sizes to white opals.


Emma Reeves
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