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1 September 2019
Sapphire Diamond Ring

Sapphire is September’s birthstone. It is the lovers’ stone. It has protected romantic unions from harm through history.

A sapphire diamond ring set with an 8.64ct cushion-cut sapphire in the centre, with diamonds set in the surround, shoulders and bezel and with calibré-cut sapphires set around the finger bezel, mounted in platinum £45,000

It is best known for it’s blue to violet colour. Sapphires range through the colour spectrum from white through pink, green, orange, blue to almost black. This corundum, like its sister stone the Ruby, is the second hardest mineral. 


An Oscar Heyman sapphire and diamond ring, set with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds and calibre cut sapphires, set in a knot style design, mounted in platinum £7,000

The sapphire is said to hold wisdom, power, and faith. It protects and brings blessings from heaven. Priests often wore  this stone to help protect them from temptations of the flesh and impure thoughts. 

A pair of sapphire and diamond double cluster drop earrings, with oval faceted sapphires set horizontally, surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds in illusion settings, with cluster drops, set vertically, with a round brilliant cut diamond between, mounted in 18ct white gold, estimated total diamond weight 0.60ct, mounted in 18ct white gold £4,900

The sapphire was popular with royalty. It is believed the sapphire provides protection from envy and harm. Warriors valued this stone and would give sapphire necklaces to their wives before they go into battle to prevent unfaithfulness. The  belief was the stone would darken if a woman was unfaithful.

A fine, modern, sapphire and diamond fringe necklace, set with oval faceted sapphires, weighing an estimated total of 33.40ct, in diamond set drops, with round brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds, with an estimated total diamond weight of 20.00ct, mounted in platinum £99,000


The largest mine for sapphires is in Australia. Montana in the United States is also a predominant source of sapphires though they host small stones which are mostly used for industrial use. 

A sapphire and diamond mitre set ring, with an emerald-cut sapphire, surrounded by mitre set, baguette-cut diamonds, with baguette-cut diamond set shoulders, mounted in platinum £19,500

Kashmir sapphires are now a rarity, famously renowned for silky cornflower blue coloured sapphires. The mine was exhausted and no more sapphires have been found since. 

A Tiffany & Co. Art Deco sapphire and diamond cocktail watch, with a mesh strap, edged with diamonds, with shoulder terminals set with sapphires and diamonds, in platinum, with a C. H. Meylan, movement, circa 1930 £24,000

Sir Lanka is well-known too as a source for sapphires. The largest known sapphire was recently discovered in a Sri Lankan mine at 1,404 carats. This is compared to the now second largest sapphire that is in the Logan Sapphire Brooch at 422.99 carats and which is to be found at the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.

 A pair of sapphire and diamond, carved, gold, double sided cufflinkssapphire and diamond, carved, gold, double sided cufflinks, with oval, cabochon-cut sapphires set in each centre, with three old-cut diamonds, in rub over settings, in each head, mounted in carved gold scroll work, with chain fittings £3,500

Our selective sapphire collection can be viewed online or at our outlet at Richard Ogden in 28 Burlington Arcade, London 

Bruce Rowley
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