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1 June 2019

The birthstones for June are pearl and moonstone.

The most expensive and most unique pearls are natural pearls that were created in the wild. The finest and most beautiful pearls have a reflective lustre, making them appear creamy white with a rainbow-like sheen that casts many colourful hues. In many cultures, pearls are a symbol of innocence and purity, which explains why it is traditional for brides to wear white pearls on her wedding day. Pearls have been used as adornments for many centuries, as far back as ancient Greece where people believed pearls were the tears of the gods.

Moonstone has been used as a beautiful adornment and a powerful talisman since ancient civilisations. The Romans admired it, believing it was formed from moonbeams. Legend portrayed it as a sacred and magical “dream stone” that could bring beautiful dreams at night. Both the Romans and the Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities.The Roman Pliny wrote that moonstone’s shimmery appearance shifted with the phases of the moon—a belief that held until well after the sixteenth century. Hindu mythology also told that moonstone was made from the moon’s ethereal light.


An antique moonstone and pearl four leaf clover brooch-cum-pendant, with four heart shape moonstones, surrounded by natural half seed pearls, with a natural pearl in the centre, mounted in 14ct gold. engraved Mary Ellison June. 15 ’90. S1318B £2,500

A French Art Deco mother-of-pearl dress-set, mounted in gold, with natural central seed pearls, on mother-of-pearl, with surrounding white enamel, in a Lamarche Guy Fils box, with bar fittings. 1211CL2 £3,800

A moonstone and diamond cluster ring, set with 9.51ct of moonstones and 2.06ct of pavé set round brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in 18ct white gold. S231115R £10,200

A Belle Epoque, natural pearl and diamond pendant, with a latticework and bow design, set with natural pearls and diamonds, set in the three bows, the connecting chain and in the junctions of the knife edge lattice, on a fine platinum trace chain, circa 1910. S7618P £8,950

A pair of South Sea pearl and diamond earrings, with central 18mm South Sea pearls, surrounded by rubies and diamonds, in a repeating pattern of three calibre cut rubies and a round brilliant-cut diamond, mounted in platinum, with a folding post and clip fitting. 21901E2 £14,000

A pearl and diamond plaque choker necklace, set with netted rows of seed pearls on wires to give a soft feel like fabric. The plaque is mounted in platinum, set with round brilliant-cut diamonds, with an estimated total diamond weight of 5.50ct. 16702N1 £12,000

A pair of antique, Faberge moonstone cufflinks, set with cushion shaped, silver moonstones, surrounded by rose-cut diamonds, in silver cut down settings, mounted in rose gold. By Workmaster Erik Kollin, signed and numbered, circa 1900. S29116CL £45,000

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Bruce Rowley
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